Trackday: slotracing laptimer software for linux

Are you looking for lapcounter software, but cannot find any that runs on Linux? Look no further!

As mentioned before, I have been working on a laptimer/racemanager program that works with a carrera digital track. A while ago I managed to make a version that allowed me to play personally, but with some manual fiddling and tweaking necessary to set it up and get it running.
But now, I’m fairly happy to present a working version up for download, neatly packaged into a debian package to ease the setup.
The functionality provided is still limited. It provides a training mode, where the top 10 laptimes are displayed with the latest laptime highlighted. And it has a head to head race mode, which allows you so enter the number of laps of the race.

At the startup screen, you can choose training or sprint race. Next you’ll be presented with a screen to setup the grid (which driver is associated to which controller) and number of laps in case of sprintrace. Next: you are ready to go!

The program is made to be as simple as possible. As long as you are connected to the track using a serial port or serial to USB converter, the program will detect the control unit automatically and allow you to race.

As mentioned, the functionality is still somewhat limited, but it is usable. The unit testing is only done on the major parts yet, so there might still be some bugs in. And it is important to be sensible about the values entered in the form fields because there is no function verifying your input yet. Other than that, I think it is quite usable. If you have remarks, requests or bugs, please let me know. I have been running it on Ubuntu 15.04, but any Linux distro that has Qt 5.4.1 (or higher) should do.

Installation: Just download the .deb file and type:

sudo dpgk -i trackday_1.0.3-1.deb

Happy racing!

Download here

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