Slotracing software for Raspberry Pi

It is there. Available for download: trackDay for Raspberry Pi. As far as I know, it is the first slotrace laptiming/racemanager software that runs on a RPi. There are some minor changes compared to the linux version:

  • An exit button (Whoohoo!)
  • The main menu button is not visible in the main menu and the settings menu is not visible in the settings menu (wow!)

Other than that, the functionality is the same. Installation is slightly different. Due to the fact that Qt was compiled and installed locally on the RPi, the dpkg package manager does not know it is installed and will complain about dependencies not being met. Therefore it is neccesary to add the ‘–force-depends’ switch to the installation command. This way, dpkg will ignore its own ignorance and install the package anyway. If you have downloaded the image file provided, the software should run without problems.

As long as you connect to the Carrera Digital track using a serial port or USB to serial converter cable, the software should be able to detect the track without issues and you can just go ahead and enjoy racing/training.

Some remarks about the GUI:

  • There is no sanity check on any of the textboxes, so if you enter bogus data, I can not predict what will happen.
  • After you have trained and decide to go racing, the default number of laps for the race is set to -1 (meaning, there is no end). Be sure to change this to the desired number of laps, or spend the rest of your life racing…

So, now the linux and RPi versions are available, I plan on fixing up the interface and make the functionality more robust. These rotating menus look nice, but are pointless if there are only two choices really. Also the available and desired actions should be put forward some more, making the whole thing easier to navigate.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments (please be nice, I’m doing this in my spare time and there’s a lot of effort in it already).

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