Qt 5.4.1 on Raspberry Pi

It took some time to make an image available out of my native Qt 5.4.1 build, because I had expanded the image to fit the 32 Gb SD card. This seems practical when you do it, but if you make an image out of it using dd, the image will also be 32 Gb.

So I had two choices, make a new image on a smaller partition, or try to make the partition I had smaller. As compiling Qt natively take about a complete weekend, I was really keen on shrinking the image file. Since Raspbian is just a linux distribution, every question has been asked before and ofcourse there is a way to reduce the size of an already created image file.

Some fiddling around, cursing, waiting, drinking beer, more waiting, deleting the build dirs, trying again and testing later, I managed to make an image file that was 3.9Gb large. Only when I tried to upload the file to my webhosting (my mind works slow sometimes) I realized, my hosting plan doesn’t go beyond 1 Gb… idiot! could happen to anyone right?!

So I decided to put it into the cloud. You can find it in the download page. It is a basic raspbian image with Qt 5.4.1 installed. Trackday is not pre-installed, in order to make sure you can run updates later on. Re-installing an image would cause data-loss.

The trackDay version for Raspberry will be there soon (as soon as I have the exit button fixed…).

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