About this blog

Hi I’m Matthijs,

and I am nut about technology and electronics in particular. During a holiday, I got introduced to slotracing. Once home, my wife talked me into buying a set. As with many adult slotracers, she always wanted to have a track since she was a kid.

So we did some research, and decided to buy a Carrera digital 124 set. After a few days of practice, I wanted to know how fast I was going and if my laptimes were improving…

A serial interface and a few many hours later, I made myself a laptimer/racemanager. Of course there are a lot of these programs available, but I decided to put it up for download anyway.

As an automotive engineer (I specify software for transmissions) I am fascinated by how much auto-technology also applies to slot cars. Therefore I thought it would be fun to explore slot car racing and relate it to what I know from my automotive background.

At this blog I will share what I find and hope to provide some valuable insights to both starting and experienced racers.

Feel free to reach out if you like what you read, or like to discuss.