Blue Aston Martin and red Ferrari on kitchen scale
How is it possible that one of the two cars that came with my Carrera Digital set is so much easier to handle than the other? If you want to enjoy some head-to-head racing, it is crucial that you both have a car that handles just as good as the […]

Ferrari 458 versus Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3

It is there. Available for download: trackDay for Raspberry Pi. As far as I know, it is the first slotrace laptiming/racemanager software that runs on a RPi. There are some minor changes compared to the linux version: An exit button (Whoohoo!) The main menu button is not visible in the […]

Slotracing software for Raspberry Pi

It took some time to make an image available out of my native Qt 5.4.1 build, because I had expanded the image to fit the 32 Gb SD card. This seems practical when you do it, but if you make an image out of it using dd, the image will […]

Qt 5.4.1 on Raspberry Pi

After successfully creating a debian installation file for desktop/laptop, the next challenge is to try if I can get TrackDay to run on a Raspberry Pi minicomputer. As it is my goal to promote from carpet-racer to a fixed track, it would be massive overkill to sacrifice a complete laptop […]

Porting to Raspberry Pi

Are you looking for lapcounter software, but cannot find any that runs on Linux? Look no further! As mentioned before, I have been working on a laptimer/racemanager program that works with a carrera digital track. A while ago I managed to make a version that allowed me to play personally, […]

Trackday: slotracing laptimer software for linux

Since august 2014 I am the proud owner of the carrera digital 132 set “power racing”. This kit contains 9 meters of track, two lane changes, two controllers and the carrera digital control unit. Two cars come with it: Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 in “AF Corse no.71” colors Aston Martin […]

Carrera digital 132 power racing